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The Never Miss Cafe in South Haven, Michigan

The Never Miss Cafe in South Haven, Michigan

South Haven has many fine restaurants that cater to families, foodies, and even finicky eaters.  Many are in the downtown area, a leisurely 15-minute walk from Our Summer House vacation rental.

But outside the immediate downtown area there are other eating establishments well-worth checking out.  These are the type of restaurants that serve simple, quality fare with good service at a fair price.  There is a smile to greet you when you come in the door and another to bid you farewell when you leave. 

One such restaurant is the Never Miss Café just outside of town on the Blue Star Highway.  Located in an unassuming, low-slung building with decorative awnings, guests enter the front door and find themselves in the dining area where they can seat themselves at a table.  The restaurant is small, with a combination of booths, tables, and counter seating for about 75 people.  The interior is simple, clean, and homey.

The Never Miss Café opened in 2013 and has built a local and tourist following for their downhome fare and welcoming atmosphere.  In addition to regular breakfast items, you’ll find more unusual offerings, such as the Hash Brown Omelet, or the North Beach Omelet, made with hash brown potatoes mixed with the egg to form a crispy crust encasing the spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, and bacon filling.  Lunch items include an impressive list of homemade soups, as well as sandwiches, salads, burgers, and more.  Dinner specials may include lasagna, beef stroganoff, ribs, or lake perch.

This is a restaurant with heart.  Rather than taking the day off on Thanksgiving, they open their doors to members of the community who may not have a place to celebrate the holiday and dish up turkey and trimmings for much of the day.  And if you stop in at Halloween, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day or other celebrated days, the restaurant will most probably be decorated and the staff dressed in the spirit of the holiday.

The Never Miss Café is located at 05110 Blue Star Highway, South Haven, Michigan. Telephone: 269.767.7474

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