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Fishing in South Haven, Michigan

Fishing in South Haven, Michigan

The allure of the lure.  The tug of the line.  The pull of the deep, blue water.  Fishing enthusiasts understand these indescribable feelings that attract them to this timeless sport.  It’s a past-time that is accessible to youngsters just old enough to hold a simple pole with a line and bobber,  to the very old who sit by the water’s edge in a lawn chair with their favorite, but seasoned, tackle.  Or, it can involve specialized and expensive equipment and watercraft for fishing enthusiasts to pursue what is, for many, a life-long passion.

Bass, Lake Sturgeon, Muskellunge, Pike, Salmon, Trout, Walleye, Smelt, Yellow Perch and a variety of panfish can all be pulled from the lakes of Michigan.  South Haven provides ample opportunities for fishing them – from the pier, on the Black River that runs through the town and empties into Lake Michigan, in the more than a dozen nearby inland lakes, or deep-water fishing on Lake Michigan.


Fishing licenses are required for those over the age of 17, and are available at the local Meijer, Wal-Mart, or Dunham’s sporting goods store.  24-hour tags are $10 or a 72-hour tag for $30.  They can also be purchased online at: https://www.mdnr-elicense.com/Welcome/Default.aspx

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has a plethora of resources about fishing topics including Trout Trails in Michigan, Family Friend Fishing, educational videos, Inland Lake Maps, Boating Access, and more on its website:


At Our Summer House in South Haven, we provide a few fishing poles and basic tackle for our guests to fish off the pier or along the shore.   You can bring your own boat, of course, but rentals are available, as well as charter services that will provide all you need for an enjoyable day of fishing on Lake Michigan.

All Seasons Marine Inc, 234 Black River Street, 269.637.3655  www.allseasonsmarineinc.com

Black River Boat Rentals, 525 Kentucky Avenue, Slip 59, 269.872.3249  www.blackriverboatrentals.com

It-Il-Do Fishing Charters, 345 Water Street, 269.214.6934 www.itildocharters.com

Rampage Fishing Charters, 8th North Baily, 269.767-6734 www.fishrampage.com

Jensen Charters, 282 Dyckman Avenue, 269.470.6100   www.jensencharters.com

South Haven Fishing Charters, 519 Williams Street, 269.208.3545 www.southhavenfishingcharters.com

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